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Finally found time to ditch old Subversion repository that was so problematic in many ways, and convert to Git. The bonus is that now nothing prevents TuTTY from going social (i.e. hosting on Github). See Downloads section.


After some (ahem) time I have decided to continue my work on TuTTY. Today I have released a new version, updated to PuTTY 0.60 core source. Not that much has changed since that release so I decided not to touch current PuTTY snapshots.

Regarding TuTTY itself, there are little changes since last development snapshot that was available on this website. In essence, TuTTY is all that was in use for five years since previous release, so I can say it's pretty stable as of now. Some changes are there though:

Updated PuTTY base, as I already said. This includes Arcfour SSH cipher and other PuTTY enhancements (and bugfixes!) available in 0.60.

Updated documentation, I hope now it looks more coherent and concise.

Small features added here and there, look in the doc for the full list.

I would recommend all TuTTY users to upgrade to Binaries, manuals and source are available in Downloads section, as usual. I don't think I will publish Subversion repository access this time. If anybody wants it, just drop me a mail.



at last, after continous down time (the old server has failed) this site is up and running once again. we're now residing on brand new server but as it goes, the process of moving content between servers didn't go very smooth so there may be some caveats. i tried to save as much content as i could and supposedly it was all for this site but if you encounter some bad links or missing files, please let me know.

p.s. browsing tutty and plaunch repositories doesn't work yet, i know about that.


changed repository tree scheme. now all projects and libraries will reside in one repository instead of separate ones. i was stupid doing this in first place, the only "advantage" it gave me was a maintenance headache. finally i understood that subversion is here to help me carrying out routine tasks, not to make my life more complex. so there's the change.
old repositories are not going anywhere, they're still available for check out but there will be no more commits into them. anyone who wants to get the latest code please use new repository tree. more instructions on the downloads page.


changed the host name, now it will be "", just for consistency sake. :) the old is still accessible, though, so existing bookmarks will not be broken.
merry christmas to everyone who's celebrating it. :)


published new development snapshot, build 179. new features are:

  • serial break as a special command, accessible through window menu;
  • support for double-quote-enclosed strings with spaces in the secondary script. if a null expect string ("") goes firstmost, it is matched right after backend startup and the matching send string is sent immediately, without waiting for any input.

anyone who's willing to try are welcome.


fixed a bug in TuTTY/TuTTYtel, resulted in a crash when trying to select "underline as colour" or "selected as colour" check box. it was a leftover from 0.58 merge, small but nasty.
AT LAST, fixed up a documentation. i can't say it's complete, but at least i tried to document all TuTTY features as thoroughly as i could. the docs are available in four formats: windows help file is included in TuTTY and TuTTYtel archives, and plain text, html and pdf formatted documents are available in separate zipped archives for additional download when needed. pdf looks nice, thanks to simon's halibut software, and could be printed if anyone want to waste paper on this. :) the html version is also available for online browsing here.
so now the stable release is, everyone is welcome to upgrade.


fixed a bug in TuTTY/TuTTYtel, prevented saving session in a root folder. thanks to Christopher Boumenot who reported the bug and wrote a patch.


fixed a bug in TuTTY/TuTTYtel, trying to change settings mid-session resulted in a crash.
shoulda work now.


i think at last i have solved the problems with viewing repositories online. took some time to learn there's another (fsfs) repository filesystem, migrate and set up permissions. hope this will be enough.


MAJOR changes this time.
due to fact that my own code additions to original PuTTY became quite noticeable and #ifdef/#endif pairs became completely unmanageable and annoying, and also the hope that Simon & co may incorporate my code into PuTTY main trunk was lost completely, i decided to split my project off the PuTTY tree and give it a free run.
to avoid complications and misunderstanding, i renamed the projects from PuTTY to TuTTY and PuTTYtel to TuTTYtel respectively. PLaunch is recognizable enough and wasn't renamed.
the logical thing after that was to get rid of these #ifdef/#endif pairs for my own code chunks, which i did with a bit of pleasure. now it would be harder to recognize whose code is whose but the bright side is that development will take a bit less time. anyway, apparently nobody uses tutty but me, so why bother? :)
now to the code changes:
1. overall small cleanup of this and that -- i'm still trying to be as compatible to the main PuTTY trunk as it is possible (again, why do i bother?).
2. at last i found a right tool for code formatting and DID it (intent -kr rocks!)
3. finally i've implemented a first shot at session folders feature. shoulda work but here there be bugs, as usual.


finally i was able to set up a viewcvs for both plaunch and putty repositories.
to access it, press "cvs" button on the left.


implemented a new feature from putty wishlist, session-icon. now one can set an icon for each session and it will be used in window title and alt-tab switching window, thus allowing to easily distinguish between different sessions without looking at the window name.
aside from overall usefulness, this patch will be used in SESSION_FOLDERS as well.


after dragging my feet for too long, finally i've applied my patches to the latest official release, which is 0.58. there were some serious security fixes so it's recommended to move to the new version as soon as possible. on my side, i think the source merge went sucessfully though there may be some problems because of massive code changes in official source tree between 0.56 and 0.58 versions. if you detect any problems, please let me know. 'nightly tarballs' are now available for putty too, including a diff between the base (0.58 at this time) and devel trunks. maybe i'll be able to think up something to make nightly builds as well.


now both putty and plaunch sources are available in subversion repository on my server, as svn:// and svn:// respectively. anyone can use anonymous access to get the code using subversion client. i'm considering installing viewcvs, but i'm not sure i want to learn what python is and why the heck those guys didn't use perl instead? nevertheless, all the code that is developed right now is available in devel folder of both repositories. putty repository contains also orig branch that is just an original putty code without modifications, so anyone can use svn diff on it and all the like. also the devel source code that is published on this server in zip archives is now refreshed automatically every night, so i can call it a 'night tarball'. :)


from now on, all my work will be based on the putty releases not current code. it seems to me that simon & co are experiencing some heavy programming outbreak, almost every day there are tons of changes and i just can't keep up to it. so i decided to give up this race and base on the stable release. at the moment, it is 0.56. hence, the code and patch are based on 0.56-release now.

also, i set up windows 95 as a development machine and tested putty and plaunch on it. found a bunch of bugs just offhand. now testing on the win95 will become a standard routine, just to ensure compatibility.

SESSION_FOLDERS: a new command line option "-edit" allows launching putty with session name for reviewing/editing session options. made mostly for interoperability with plaunch.

SERIAL_BACKEND: fixed a bug that prevented com port list to show under win95.

SERIAL_BACKEND: clearly, backend is not working correctly under win95. when incoming volume is high, it starts losing characters. this problem needs further research.

SECONDARY_SCRIPT: a cosmetic change to the interface, placed "enable" checkbox and script edit box on the same line, to decrease used space on the panel.

plaunch: rewritten a bit to allow running under win95 w/o msie4.

plaunch: "putty launcher" dialog box renamed to "putty session manager".

plaunch: bugfix, on a clean machine (without any saved putty session) it crashed when trying to display session manager box.

plaunch: bugfix, on a clean machine it didn't display tray icon menu at all.